About Us

Sons of Thunder K9 is an exclusive Dogo/Presa Canario breeder nestled on 34 acres in Southwest Georgia. We have been breeding the Dogo/Presa Canario since 2006. Our love for the breed started with combined breeding which produced my beloved Sir Babe S. Lewis. Babe was everything in a dog that any owner could ask for. He was smart, loyal, and a true protector.

After many loving and wonderful years he succumbed to his senior age. After carefully studying the breed, in search of the absolute best Dogo/Presa Canario bloodlines from the Canary Island, we ventured into breeding the best here in the States the Island had to offer. Thus Sons of Thunder K9 was birthed.

Our breeding program consists of the best and most respected Dogo/Presa Canarios and Breeders across the United States and abroad. We have worked with some of the most renowned breeders in the world and are committed to breeding the "True" Dogo/Presa Canario within the breed standard. In breeding, we strive to stay true to the breed by breeding for 3 characteristics: T=Type, T=Temperament, and C=Confirmation.

The Dogo/Presa Canario is known for it's loyalty and natural guard instinct. It is our goal through breeding to continue to produce excellent puppies with these qualities! We do not breed just for show and excellent confirmation, but for a clear headed, stable minded, trainable dog to provide companionship for you and your family. RIP Babe.